The Gravy Train Rides On

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The European Commission said recently paying middle management officials more than the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was necessary to ‘attract the brightest and best’ candidates. Whilst these officials earn less than the Prime Minister’s £142,000 a year on paper, their huge allowances, pensions and tax exemptions mean that they take home more than the Prime Minister after tax, and far more than our elected MPs.

Unsurprisingly, these details were not released by the EU Commission which has refused to publish the net income of its employees. The fact these details had to be leaked to come to our attention shows the Eurocrats realise how unjustifiable their salaries are.

However, these salaries pale in comparison to the two leading bureaucrats of the European Union. The President of the European Commission and the President of the European Council earn €288,000 and €298,000 a year respectively. This isn’t taking into account their allowances and pensions. No wonder the two frontrunners for the job are so determined to get the job – despite no obvious differences between  the federal agendas of European People’s Party candidate Jean-Claude Juncker, and  European Socialists Party candidate Martin Schulz.  

These salaries will do little to restore trust in the EU. Why should the British tax payer subsidise the huge salaries of unelected bureaucrats who make their living imposing laws upon the Great British Public? The only way for British tax payers to stop supporting the gravy train for these unelected bureaucrats is to Get Britain Out of the EU

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