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According to a source in Germany’s Christian Democratic Union, there is a widespread belief that David Cameron is attempting the political equivalent of “suicide of cop”, cunningly planning to annoy our dear old friends in Germany to such an extent that they ask us to leave the EU.

Euro-sceptics will just be glad we’re out, while the Europhiles won’t be able to blame Cameron for withdrawing.

While it does seem a little odd, historically speaking, for a British PM to look forward to a German “blasting”, it seems like there is merit this idea.

Britain’s interests are best served by being as much as of a nuisance as possible, frustrating the tricks of the EU to such an extent that it will suit our interests as much as theirs for Britain to leave the EU.

Europhiles will then be able to have their full economic and political European Union without Britain frustrating their federalist ambitions.

It’s probably not going to happen this weekend, and maybe not even in this parliament, but the day we stand up and demand our country back is most certainly coming.

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