Getting the right referendum question

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Our new team member Glenn Coleman-Cooke writes today about the need to get the right EU referendum question:

There finally seems to be some hope on the horizon for those who hope to try and stop the EU juggernaut. After years of displaying a bewildering ability to ignore what was blindingly obvious to the rest of us, the message finally seems to be filtering through to our political class that the majority of people want their nation to remain a sovereign one.

The decision of 53 Tory MPs, to rebel against the government on EU spending increases may be a small step in the grand scheme of things, but it might just be the first step. The fact that half of the rebels were elected in 2010, could hopefully be indicative of a new (or rather, old fashioned) approach, where ensuring that the voices of ones constituents are heard in the corridors of power is considered paramount over towing the party line.

Momentum is building, and sooner or later those, both within and without our country, who think it their place to lead the Great British Public about like sheep will be humbled, as they always have been before.

This won’t stop them from raging against the dying of the light however, and those who know them will not be surprised if they don’t play fair. It looks as though their preferred strategy will be to offer a hollow shell of a referendum, one that doesn’t actually give people the option of leaving the EU, presumably because the likes of us couldn’t be trusted not to abuse such an option by choosing it.

We cannot allow this to happen. We must demand real choice at the ballot box, stop allowing the Eurocrat class to change the rules whenever they are losing.

Arch Europhile Arnold Toynbee once admitted, in a moment of rare candour that the only way to force the EU onto people who did not want it was to “deny with our lips what we are doing with our hands”. Its time they were cuffed.

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