Get your assets out of the EU

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Nigel Farage recently called on the public to get their cash out of Eurozone based banks. Now those with property in the EU might wish to think along the same lines.

The raiding of Cypriot bank accounts as part of a bailout package created a sinister precedent. The EU will do whatever it can to keep the Euro alive. The Euro is not just a currency to the Eurocrats, it is essential to ever closer union. It is therefore non-negotiable. It *must* survive if the dreams of full European political, economic and constitutional unity are to be realised.

This morning the Express warns that those with property in failing Eurozone states can find a new EU levy lumbered on them in order to pay for future EU bailouts. I say future EU bailouts because there will be more bailouts. It is a certainty, especially as we are going to stump up £6.2bn to fill the budget holes of poor EU states so they can join the Euro. If they can’t qualify on their own, then heaven help them in the confines of Euro membership.

The EU has always been after its own resources, revenue raising, to keep the EU dream alive. It will bleed you dry in the process.

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