Get Britain Out’s Impassioned Message to all Parliamentarians over the Brexit Withdrawal Bill

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Published in House Magazine26th November – Get Britain Out’s Impassioned Message to all Parliamentarians over the Brexit Withdrawal Bill

Get Britain Out is the leading cross-party grassroots group, campaigning for the very best for the United Kingdom, post-Brexit.

This is an impassioned message to all Parliamentarians over the Brexit Withdrawal Bill:

Never mind the Prime Minister’s proposed Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, this Deal is up there with some of the worst political deals in history – worse than anything the voters of the United Kingdom could have ever imagined.

Discontent does not just stop with Theresa May’s own Cabinet and most of the Conservative Party. Dissatisfaction ripples through the entire House of Commons, as well as from the Great British Public up and down the length of the UK.

The reason is simple: the PM has not taken into account what the 17.4 million voters envisioned at the Ballot Box on 23rd June 2016.

The Deal and whatever sub-text we can expect, are multifaceted in failure, reeking of the half-hearted approach May has had towards Brexit from the offset. It should never have come down to this bullying humiliation.

The PM’s flimsy commitment is evident where she has agreed without amendment: “Notwithstanding Article 126, the Joint Committee may, before 1 July 2020, adopt a single decision extending the transition period up to [31 December 20XX].” Technically, this means we could be trapped in the transition period for an unlimited amount of time. This cannot happen!

Other points leap out:

  • The UK’s fisheries will still be subject to EU regulations, further devastating our fishing industry. France is already contesting limited access to our fishing grounds. We cannot continue with the disastrous CFP and CAP even under the Deal’s amended proposals. The PM is prepared to sacrifice our fisheries and farmers for the sake of redeeming herself through this botched Brexit Deal.
  • The Deal does not offer a plausible or positive solution to the Irish border issue. It’s alienated and offended the DUP. Solutions, such as a technological resolution, have been blatantly ignored. The PM has shown abject disregard for our Union and a failure to find a workable solution.
  • We will still be bound to the European Convention on Human Rights during the transition period.
  • Claims of the European Court of Justice not having jurisdiction over the UK are false. The Deal would lock us to the ECJ until at least the end of the transition period.

Theresa May has betrayed us by agreeing this Deal – EVEN BEFORE YOU, our Parliamentarians, have had a chance to vote on it.

THE DEAL DOES NOT WORK. YOU, OUR MPs and MINISTERS MUST VOTE IT DOWN – unless unlikely major concessions are extracted from the EU. 

No amount of smoke and mirrors being fed to us over the last 2 years ring true anymore. Constant repetition of empty words like ‘Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’ and ‘No Deal is better than a Bad Deal will not wash any more. The People do not trust the Agreement. It falls far short of what we voted for.

There should be NO FEAR of ‘NO DEAL’. We need to free ourselves from the all the constraints of the EU so we can embrace our position as a Global Britain around the world. During the next 25 years 90% of global growth will occur outside Western Europe. We must ensure Global Britain is part of this.

We need to demonstrate to the EU we will walk away from their rotting bureaucratic Union to forge our own future on the world stage. We need to reject this Deal and secure a Real Deal which delivers on the will of the people – or walk away. We need a committed Brexit Leader, who will put the Nation as the only priority as we forge our way into the future.

PLEASE REMEMBER, YOU ARE OUR ELECTED PARLIAMENTARIANS. PLEASE VOTE THIS DEAL DOWN. IF NOT, THE ELECTORATE WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU. Get Britain Out’s supporters and the Great British Public will ensure MPs are held to account at the next General Election.

Jayne Adye, Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

Office: 03330 065 565 | Mobile: 07860 762 085 | Twitter@GetBritainOut |

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