GET BRITAIN OUT to MPs: The Importance of YOUR Vote for The EU (Withdrawal) Bill

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Today, our Director, Jayne Adye, wrote to all Members of Parliament to stress the importance of supporting the Government as The EU (Withdrawal) Bill is debated in the House of Commons tomorrow, Tuesday 12 June, and Wednesday 13 June.

Please see below an amended version of the letter we sent. We strongly encourage all our friends and supporters to write to their MP urging them in no uncertain terms to vote down the House of Lords ‘wrecking amendments’.

You may like to amend the letter below, or use our existing template for writing to your representative. You can find this by following the link here.

To find the contact details for your MP, please follow this link here.


11th June, 2018

I am writing to all elected representatives in Parliament to urge you to support the Prime Minister, Theresa May’s Government in Tuesday and Wednesday’s votes on The EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

Along with our many many thousands of supporters, and as Director of the cross-party, grassroots campaign Get Britain Out, we proudly count ourselves amongst the 17.4 million who voted to Leave the European Union in the June 2016 Referendum.

Having campaigned for Brexit at a grassroots level for over 8 years, I know exactly what drove the Great British Public to reject the scaremongering of the elite classes 2 years ago. Indeed, many of our supporters contact me to tell me. We accept negotiations can be complicated and this can sometimes lead to compromise, but there are unambiguous red lines which cannot be crossed, listed below among others. We must have a clear vision for the future, rather than the more muddled approach which seems to be presented at the moment, making us look ridiculous on the world stage on which we need to build our global future.

The United Kingdom must Leave both the Single Market and any form of Customs Union;

We must clearly be in control of our own laws – and must NOT be under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice;

We must be able to create our own skills-based immigration policy and must no longer prioritise EU citizens over those from the rest of the world.

A vote to join the European Economic Area – or any other scenario which does not bring about full British independence from the EU – will be seen as a betrayal of the voters in the EU Referendum Campaign, including our passionate supporters.

As you debate The EU (Withdrawal) Bill in the House of Commons over the next two days, all eyes will be watching to see if those in the ‘Westminster Bubble’ scupper the voice of the people. Voting in favour of the Customs Union, Single Market, or any customs arrangement which sees us stay in the EU via the back door, will be swiftly met with anger on the streets and at the ballot box in the future.

I am being inundated with requests to organise huge marches on Parliament, and for the moment I am resisting this for Get Britain Out. However, the people are getting very restless!

I have watched with increasing frustration as rebel MPs, Ministers and tantrum-throwing unelected Lords attempt – by any means possible – to undermine Her Majesty’s Government’s negotiating position, trying to force the Prime Minister into capitulating on her original promises.

You cannot let the Lords ignore a clear democratic mandate – the largest vote on any issue ever put to the people of the United Kingdom. The Lords’ ‘wrecking’ amendments must not be approved.

All Conservative and Labour candidates won their seats in the General Election of 2017 on manifestos pledging to Leave both the Single Market and Customs Union. So, for elected MPs to also try and wreck a ‘Clean Brexit’, and go against the majorities in their own constituencies, would show absolute disdain for the voters and a dismissal of our decision 2 years ago to Leave the European Union.

Millions of proud Britons across the entire Union share these views and we are prepared to fight tooth and nail to defend our hard-fought victory.

I am aware many of those MPs and Ministers who will be receiving this e-mail will be in agreement with the issues raised and are already on our side, but it is important every elected Parliamentary representative receives this so they are aware of what we are doing.

Please understand : the People – the Voters – will never forgive a Parliament if it so blatantly denies the will of the people.

Yours Sincerely,

Jayne Adye

Director, Get Britain Out

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