Get Britain Out Letter to the PM and Responses:

On 15th July, we sent a letter to 10 Downing Street, addressed to our Prime Minister, Theresa May.

On 25th July, having still not received an adequate reply, we sent another letter.

On 8th August, we hand-delivered ANOTHER letter to 10 Downing Street, again addressed to Mrs May – countersigned by more that 50,000 of you.

Finally, on 15th October, we received a reply to our first letter by Robin Walker MP, Under-Secretary of State for the Department of Exiting the European Union.

We are STILL waiting on a reply from our second letter and all of your signatures.

For now, we have included the first letter in text and Mr Walker’s reply below:

19 July, 2018

For the personal attention of The Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Theresa May MP

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing as Director of the cross-party, grassroots campaign group Get Britain Out, on behalf of our many thousands of supporters – and the British people.

We feel it is vital for you to appreciate the public’s sense of deep-seated betrayal with the Brexit negotiations so far, and your Government’s White Paper on the future UK-EU relationship, which we have examined closely, as have many respected and eminent lawyers, including Martin Howe QC (of Lawyers for Britain). This White Paper was a document which was inexcusably presented to the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, before the British Parliament and the people.

The root of this mass discontent is easy to identify, if you do not already understand. Under your proposals, the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union would be little more than a symbolic act – a token gesture with no meaningful change to our circumstances. Indeed, if anything, we would see ourselves repressed into a situation more dismal than the current EU bog we reside in.

Laws made by foreign politicians would continue to flow into our country. These laws would remain upheld and imposed on us by the supreme European Court of Justice, and our ability to resist damaging pieces of legislation would be minimal at best.

Not only this, but it seems the door has been cannily left ajar for a subsequent betrayal on Freedom of Movement, with us also being farcically required to act as the EU’s tax collector!

Whilst you may have hoped such deception would be hidden under a cloak of rhetoric, and your insistence that we would be ‘Leaving the European Union’, I am sorry to inform you that you have been found out. The Great British Public can see through your proposals for what the truly are – a stitch-up.

I need not remind you of the current state of play in British politics, but we Brexiteers are a formidable force, joined by many millions more who voted Remain, but now want to see the Referendum result properly honoured. Our supporters are clear about what they voted for, and they expect their decision, made on June 23rd 2016 to be upheld!

Since last Friday, the Conservative Party has already fallen significantly in the polls, and your membership has turned against you – both the grassroots and local associations. The public are very angry. You and your fellow Ministers do not seem to acknowledge this.

The message is perfectly clear: continuing down this path will condemn the Conservative Party to electoral oblivion for many years to come. In the 2017 General Election, many Brexiteers lent you their vote – hoping beyond hope you could be trusted to extricate Britain from the EU.  Unless they see a dramatic change in your approach, our supporters will flock to other Parties who are prepared to honour the Referendum decision.

Your backbenchers clearly understand this. Figures such as Jacob Rees-Mogg MP appreciate the importance of ‘listening’ to public opinion, and are aware of the deafening clamour for change the length and breadth of this country. For while you may prefer to listen to the views of fellow establishment figures, like the Chancellor, Philip Hammond and your friend, the Civil Servant, Olly Robbins, it is the voice of the Great British Public which will ultimately prevail.

By pursuing your current path, Mrs May, you risk an enduring legacy of betrayal. The Prime Minister who sided with Eurocrats over Britain.

Distressingly however, I fear your influence may be more profound than merely tying our country into a perpetual state of EU servitude. Cracks are already beginning to show in the fragile relationship between the electors and the elected. Our political institutions are now rightly viewed with growing scepticism, and many feel their voices are simply not being listened to.

By duplicitously undermining the biggest political mandate in British history, you will leave behind a scorched earth of both antipathy and political apathy

As much as you may wish the pesky Great British Public would simply let you pursue your own agenda, I regret to inform you we have given our verdict, and we have opted to Get Britain Out of the EU. As our postbag and phone lines continue to be overrun, it has never been clearer to us, that the public are crying out for a Clean Brexit fulfilling the promise of a Global Great Britain.

If you are unwilling to enact this Prime Minister, then the voters will turn to someone who will. Our vision – and the public’s vision for this great country is evidently different to yours. We demand you listen to the public and all those who are also signatories to this letter.

Yours sincerely,

Jayne K Adye

Director, Get Britain Out

Mr Walker’s reply: