Get Britain Out has Demanded the Government Respects the Referendum Result

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Letter sent to the Prime Minister and Members of the Brexit war Cabinet:

May 1st 2018

Re: The EU Strategy and Negotiations sub-committee of the Cabinet meeting, 2nd May 2018

The responsibility of this Government is immense. You are tasked with delivering the biggest political mandate in UK history, whilst simultaneously negotiating with a vindictive European Commission. This is a noble cause, but one which is facing the endless threat of sabotage from a committed sect of detached MPs, and unelected Peers.

Our grassroots, cross-party campaign has the support of thousands and of thousands of proud Britons of all stripes; Leave voters who want the Government to hear their voice, and Remainers who accept their democratic defeat and just want the job getting on with. On behalf of all Brexit voters, we urge you to respect their democratic decision.

The 17.4 million people who voted to Leave the European Union know what they voted for: regaining sovereignty over our borders, our laws and our trade.

It is to this last issue we now turn – namely the impermissible suggestion that Britain remains within a Customs Union.

As the ‘EU Strategy and Negotiations sub-committee’ meet tomorrow to discuss our future relationship with the EU, we urge you not to backtrack on this matter. Long has your Government stated, and voters understood, that as we rip up our EU membership, so too goes our place in the Single Market and the Customs Union.

We must not become a vassal state, a meagre associate of a union in which we have no meaningful say. We voted for independence, and we must be granted it. It is Britain’s Parliament, not the EU’s that should create our laws; Britain’s courts that should interpret them; and Britain’s diplomats that should fly all over the world to restore our place on the international stage.

Remaining in the Customs Union, explicitly or through some convoluted partnership, would tie us to the very union the Great British Public, and their representatives in Parliament, voted to depart. It would tether us to markets that are shrinking whilst denying us access to others around the globe. To NOT leave the Customs Union would be a betrayal of the people’s vote, and one which the country will never forget.

Yours sincerely,

Jayne K Adye

Director, Get Britain Out



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