Get Britain Out’s Analysis of the UK Border Agency under Home Secretary Theresa May

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This report details the significant failures of the UK Border Agency and the UK Border Force under the guidance of the current Home Secretary, Theresa May. Mrs May now in the running  to be Leader of the Conservative Party – against Andrea Leadsom – which would also result in one of the two women becoming Prime Minister. May is running on a ticket of competence due to her long-lasting role as Home Secretary. However, contrary to popular belief among many Conservative MPs, May has not been such a successful Home Secretary. She has failed to keep control, failed to implement Government objectives and has been criticised from all sides. Some of her failures are detailed in this report.

Theresa May’s leadership bid is flawed. The Border Agency/Border Force is the United Kingdom’s first line of defence. As the Home Secretary has been unable to control this vital programme effectively, can we expect her to run the entire country successfully?

You can read our full report here.

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