Fresh Start offer false promises

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HvR and Barroso

The Fresh Start group of Tory MPs published their EU ‘renegotiation’ manifesto this morning. It reads like a Christmas list for the Easter bunny.

Below is the statement we have put out in reaction:

Tim Aker, Campaign Director of Get Britain Out, criticised the Fresh Start ‘manifesto’ for being a set of “false promises”. He said “The EU has made it clear that renegotiation is not on offer. Fresh Start have not said how they intend to renegotiate when there is no appetite for it in Brussels. The only solutions coming from the Commission involve more Europe, not less. Whilst it is laudable that Fresh Start want a trading relationship, they are going about it the wrong way. The only way to get a simple trading relationship with the EU is to leave and negotiate a free trade agreement. Plenty of states have these agreements with the EU and the EU is bound by its own treaties to negotiate them. We are the EU’s biggest customer and negotiating a free trade agreement between the EU and a sovereign, independent UK is in everyone’s interest.”

As you can see from this video, the Irish rotating presidency of the EU rules out renegotiating terms of EU membership. It couldn’t be clearer. The only way to get that trade based relationship is to Get Britain Out of the EU.

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