Forget the reshuffle. Europe is the real story

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After weeks of media obsession about David Cameron trying to stop Jean-Claude Juncker becoming President of the European Commission, the actual vote confirming him in the position this week was mostly pushed aside by the acres of newsprint devoted to the Prime Minister’s reshuffle. Who was in? Who was out? Were they qualified for the job or not? Were they showing a well-turned leg? The papers and TV were obsessed with it, such domestic political shenanigans being catnip to the press.

By comparison, the actual vote by the European Parliament, confirming the election of Juncker as President of the European Commission, was barely mentioned. Such is the anti-democratic nature of the EU that there was only one candidate on the ballot paper. As Nigel Farage said, this made it “like Soviet times.”

No wonder the UK press were more interested in the reshuffle. The workings of the EU are staggeringly boring. But the Eurocrats know this. Dullness is their greatest weapon. They know that the day-to-day workings of Europe are mind-numbingly tedious. It covers up their plans for ever “more Europe”. 

As Juncker himself said: “We decide on something… and wait and see what happens. If no one kicks up a fuss, because most people don’t understand what has been decided, we continue step by step until there is no turning back.”

During Cameron’s flying visit after the vote, Juncker greeted our Prime Minister with a high five as if they were now the greatest of buddies. The official photographs tell a very different story. Have two men ever looked quite so cringingly awkward together?

After their tête-à-tête, Cameron introduced Juncker to Lord Hill, Britain’s candidate for EU Commissioner. How hilarious that Juncker should apparently have had to google Lord Hill to find out who he was; it was only a few weeks ago that the rest of us were doing exactly the same with the name “Jean-Claude Juncker”.

After this minor excitement, the EU “story” will now no doubt return to its daily monotony and thus largely be ignored by the press. We at Get Britain Out, however, will not ignore what goes on in Europe. We will be vigilant and watch the Eurocrats’ every underhand move.  As seen from his comment above, Juncker believes they can get away with anything if nobody kicks up a fuss.

Well, we intend to make a fuss, whenever we spot any further encroachment upon our liberties.

We need that EU referendum. The day we Get Britain Out cannot come too soon for us.

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