Fair funding for EU Referendum campaign

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

With our membership of the European Union to be decided in an In/Out Referendum which could only be a matter of months away, the issue of funding on either side of the campaign might well be a determining factor regarding the final outcome.

In the official Referendum campaign, the cap on spending for both sides is the same – £700,000.

However, if one side has a “Lead Campaigner”, then additional funding becomes available – up to £7 million!

This is still the case even if the opposing side has no “Lead Campaigner”.

I believe this gives one side an unfair advantage over another and that the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act should be amended.

The EU referendum is the most crucial decision making issue to affect Britain for many years.
The final outcome could be very close.

In the event of only one side having a “Lead Campaigner”, the opposing side is put at a grave disadvantage in terms of spending power.

It has become quite clear that Cameron’s renegotiation has failed.
This was apparent months ago.

It is also likely that he will be the “Lead Campaigner” for the Remain side.
The full weight of the Establishment will be deployed to persuade us to Remain.

With a “Lead Campaigner” in place, why should they have access to additional funding to use in their campaign?

With no clear “Lead Campaigner” emerging from the Leave side at present, this puts them at a disadvantage.

The petition below calls for a change in the law so that the additional spending limit in referendums should only apply if both sides have a “Lead Campaigner”.

Please sign and share this petition as widely as possible.

Whether we Remain or Leave the EU might just depend on it.

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