EU’s £42k spent on Bulgarian social media

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Amid the fanfare of the EU budget ‘deal’, which is far from a done deal, we find Euractiv reports that the EU anti-fraud office has cracked down on a scam where over £42,000 (€50,000) of EU ‘development’ money has gone to fund social networking accounts in Bulgaria.

In August 2012, the Bulgarian daily Sega exposed the generous contracts awarded to two former junior employees of the Food Agency, part of the Agriculture Ministry.

The Sega investigation found that three companies had applied for the contract, all established on the same day. The winning company, called K.M.Com, is owned by Kristina Spasova, 25, and Lora Dimitrova, 24, both of whom were until then responsible for public relations in the Food Agency.

It remains unclear how the contract was awarded to the company, which was established just before the tender was published and had no prior activity. The tender required a minimum of three-years experience in advertising and a turnover of similar contracts of at least €75,000.

K.M.Com was awarded 47,500 leva (€24,300) for opening a Facebook page for the Programme for Development of Rural Regions of the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as a Tweeter account. The Facebook page posts press releases of the Ministry, and the Twitter account tweets new press releases. The Twitter account has 78 followers.

This just shows that the EU budget is as open to fraud as ever before. The only way to safeguard British taxpayers’’ money is to leave the EU.

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