Eurosceptics Risk Endangering the People of Britain, Claims Miliband

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Labour leader Ed Miliband has been heaped with ridicule after suggesting that Eurosceptics were endangering the people of Britain by putting the country at increased risk of terrorism.

Luke Stanley of Get Britain Out was quoted in Breitbart London’s piece:

“Ed Miliband’s attempt today to make political capital out of the Paris shootings is beneath contempt, but, unable to make a coherent argument for Britain’s remaining in the EU, stooping this low is the only option for the Europhiles.

“Terrorism is a global issue which will be overcome by co-operation between sovereign states across the globe, rendering Britain’s membership of the EU redundant in the fight against extremism.

“If anything, the imposition of EU integration on a reluctant European population is somewhat to blame for the rise of extreme political parties across the Continent.

“This is hardly a ringing endorsement of the EU’s role in safeguarding peace in Europe and the quicker we are able to Get Britain Out of the EU, the better”.

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