Eurosceptics Need to Wake Up

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Our campaign was mentioned in the London Evening Standard today. Isabel Oakeshott reports on the state of the Eurosceptic movement:

“If eurosceptics want to make the most of this once-in-a-generation opportunity, however, a “wait and see” strategy is naïve. The referendum they have been demanding for decades could take place within a year. They do not have the luxury of time. If Cameron fails to deliver meaningful reform, and they want to put up a serious fight to get out, they will need a campaign supremo, money, celebrity endorsement and a figurehead. None of this can be organised in a few days or even weeks. They will need to shout with one voice but they will also need to orchestrate a quieter, subtle and sophisticated longer-term campaign to stand any chance of success.”

As for Get Britain Out:

“Then there is Get Britain Out, which has a slick website and a couple of full- time researchers, but is so unsure of itself that its address is currently a mailing box. Its director, a competent and articulate- sounding woman with a PR background called Jayne Adye, says the No campaign won’t really get going until the referendum bill has been passed and there is an actual date for the event. This will be too late.”

Click here to read the full article in the London Evening Times.

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