A Eurosceptic Pope?

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While we cannot confirm the EU is expecting any visits from Santa Claus this year, they did receive a visit from the next best thing only a few weeks ago: the Pontiff himself. Unfortunately for them Pope Francis I brought no gifts for the Brussels elite, but plenty of coal to dish out.

Presumably the Eurocrats packed in the chamber expected the Pontiff to wax lyrical about how the EU is the pinnacle of civilization and the bringer of peace and friendship to the Continent. 

Instead, they received a speech that can only be considered soundly Eurosceptic (and figuratively a backhanded smack to the EU)! In his address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg the Pope launched a withering attack against the EU, saying it seen by the rest of the world as “elderly and haggard”.

Mercilessly, he went on to say “There has been a growing mistrust on the part of citizens towards institutions considered to be aloof”. This author couldn’t have put it better.

The Pope further added: “As a result, the great ideas which once inspired Europe seem to have lost their attractiveness, only to be replaced by the bureaucratic technicalities of its institutions”.

It is interesting that the Pope’s first visit to an EU country (barring Italy) was such a surprising affair. Rather than a bland, overly diplomatic speech congratulating the EU, we were treated to a stunning performance of Eurosceptic annihilation. The Pope, in his political wisdom, gave the EU a stern warning – it has lost its way.

Get Britain Out has always argued the EU is old-fashioned and not fit for purpose in the 21st Century.  According to the mainstream media Eurosceptics are no more than “little Englanders”; a false view which is corrected by the Pope who warned EU leaders “to abandon the idea of a Europe which is fearful and self-absorbed”.  

This is an entirely appropriate description of Europe under the grip of Eurocrats and burdened by obsessive bureaucracy. Only if we Get Britain Out can we escape the inward looking custom union in which we are trapped, and embrace free trade and closer ties with the world.

In the holiday season, the Pope’s words are worth remembering. Happy Christmas to all our supporters and let’s hope we can Get Britain Out in the New Year.

This article has been crossposted in The Commentator.

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