The European Union Needs Us Far More than We Need Them

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This week EU Trade Commissioner Cecila Malmstroem (no, you aren’t expected to recognise the name) warned Britain’s exit from the European Union would be a “disaster” both for Britain and the rest of the EU.

This was announced on the same day a joint report entitled “The Scaremongers” was released by Global Britain and the Democracy Movement. The report conclusively proves the EU will be the only one hit hard by Britain leaving the EU. The timing of Malmstroem’s scaremongering could hardly be worse.

The report shows, despite the “3 million job losses” lie so often repeated by Europhiles and the mainstream media, if anyone would lose jobs following a Brexit, it would be the other 27 EU Member States. With 6.5 million jobs in the rest of the EU related to their trade with Britain, if for any reason Britain’s exit from the EU led to a drop in our mutual trade, the EU would be the loser.

Click here to read full article on Breitbart London.

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