Eurocrat’s Parting Shot Defends Uncontrolled Immigration

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Laszlo Andor, the departing European Commissioner for Employment, couldn’t resist one last parting shot against Britain. Last night Andor demanded Britain do more to protect the rights of EU migrants within this country, dismissing the idea foreign workers are a burden on the British economy and society.


Andor argues EU migrants are on average younger, so they are more economically active than Britain’s own workforce. He seems blissfully ignorant of the facts – these migrants are undercutting British workers’ pay, taking school places and overwhelming our beleaguered NHS.

Specifically, Andor argued Britain must do more to help EU migrants’ access pensions as well as legal assistance. Two new EU regulations coming into force are designed to address these issues directly. One will force companies to grant pensions to migrant workers after they have worked in Britain for three years, whilst the other obliges member states to grant legal assistance for EU migrants asserting their rights.

This is not the first time Andor has courted controversy with his views on Britain’s immigration policies. In January he denounced the Prime Minister’s – very limited – benefit tourism reforms as “nasty”, stirring up a hornets nest of outrage among the Great British Public.

Whilst no-one can blame EU migrants from seeking a better life in Britain, the Commission’s wilful ignorance of the negative aspects of EU immigration speaks volumes about how they view Britain. A bureaucrat from Brussels, paid for life by the taxpayer, couldn’t possibly understand the principle of having to contribute to the pot before taking from it.

The contempt with which the Europhiles of Brussels view Britain and its attempts to work in the best interests of its people, only goes to show just how out of touch these faceless bureaucrats have become. If we want British laws to be made by those who represent the British people we must Get Britain Out of the EU in an In / Out referendum as soon as possible.

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