EU scheme offers British jobs to EU migrants

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Our exclusive research in today’s Sun newspaper shows how the EU is setting up a scheme to pay for unemployed workers across the EU and the Eurozone to compete with unemployed Brits for British jobs.

Eurocrats will stump up £250 per interview and £830 relocation costs. This is quite staggering as the EU is clearly running out of money, so much so that it recently asked Member States for more cash.

The reality of this scheme is that unemployed Europeans in the Eurozone will flock to the relatively more prosperous states outside the Euro in order to bring Eurozone unemployment down and present it as some cooling down of the Eurozone catastrophe. Again, it is the EU defending the ‘Union interest’, at the expense of unemployed Brits finding it difficult as it is to get work.

This is yet another reason why we should Get Britain Out of the EU.

Image: Flickr

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