EU rules close health services

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A report in the Telegraph has revealed that the European Working Time Directive has forced the closure of 21 maternity or casualty units since 2009 when the Directive first applied to the medical profession. It crucially quotes managers saying that the Directive has left hospitals with too few staff to keep these departments open.

The medical professions have long been opposed to this Directive. It has not only got in the way of providing care but also in the training of young doctors.

The EU has not got a good record in the caring/clinical field. EU rules stopped the authorities vetting Dr Daniel Ubani’s language and professional qualifications. The doctor went on to mistreat David Gray, killing him in the process.

In 2009 a pensioner suffering with dementia was locked out of her care home because European Union rules forced a compulsory break for staff.

This Common Market, our so called trading relationship, is now a myth. It is seeking to govern policy areas we thought unimaginable and making a hash of it, putting lives in danger.

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