EU Regulations Pick Pensioners’ Pockets

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A regulation, due to come into force in 2016, is forcing pension providers to keep a lump sum of money in reserve. Because of this, pensioners who have retired since 2012 have contributed towards a sum they take far longer to receive back. Meanwhile, pensioners in America unfettered by such red-tape, receive £1,000 more than the British pensioner.

If this revelation is not a sufficient slap in the face for the British taxpayer, it gets worse. Less than a week ago Get Britain Out unearthed data showing Brussels has increased the amount of money splashed on EU bureaucrats’ pensions to £36.7 billion. Clearly, when it comes to the political elite in Brussels and the British pensioner we are not “all in it together”.

It is disgrace members of the Great British Public who have spent their lives working, paying a portion of their earnings into their pension pots, are not getting a full return on their payments. That the money these pensioners paid in taxes is now being lavished on pensions for the unelected Eurocrats of Brussels is merely the icing on the cake.

We must ignore all the vested interests which are so intent on keeping us within the EU, regardless of ‘Cast-Iron’ Dave’s renegotiation. Stories like the EU robbing British citizens’ pension pots whilst feathering their own nests simply demonstrates how much the British people have to gain by voting to Get Britain Out of the EU in the 2017 In / Out referendum.

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