EU playing dirty in Brexit talks

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This article was originally posted on The Commentator

The European Union has been engaging in potentially unlawful tactics as it desperately seeks to gain the upper hand in Brexit talks.

Following the successful conclusion of Phase 1 of the talks, many European Member States are increasingly coming to realise that a ‘No Deal’ scenario would have vastly more detrimental consequences on their side of the channel, than on the British.

The likes of Poland, Italy and Hungary are calling for a ‘bespoke’ trade deal with the British to ensure trade remains as uninterrupted as possible.

However, this has not stopped the Eurocrats in the Commission taking matters into their own hands and introducing measures in preparation for a ‘No Deal’ scenario. In a move that the Brexit Secretary, David Davis, argues “breaches the UK’s rights as a Member State” the EU has written to companies based in the UK supposedly informing them that if the UK and EU fail to reach an agreement, they will be shut out of the single market.

The industries in question, such as aviation and drug-manufacturing, would undoubtedly be a part of the trade talks which are set to commence in late March in which EU and UK negotiators will strive to keep trade as frictionless as possible.

The statements, therefore, issued to companies, saying that the UK will become a “third country” following Brexit is one made without any consideration to what the outcome of Trade talks will be.

This strategy seeks to create needless business uncertainty, and is an active ploy to lure business away from Britain and to the EU through wilful deception. It ludicrously suggests creating a “stable and effective establishment in an EU Member State” is the only way for a company to retain access to the Single Market.

Such dirty and underhand tactics should come as no surprise from European elites who are hell-bent on punishing the UK for its decision to Leave.

Last year the EU’s Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier, said the UK must “face the consequences” of Brexit; clearly this attempt to undermine British business is a part of such approach.

The Department for Exiting the European Union has quite rightly sought to calm nerves brought on by this Eurocrat scaremongering. “It should be no surprise that if the Commission attempts to stoke fears about worst-case scenarios, we will correct them and reassure our firms.”

It is vital we Get Britain Out of the undemocratic and malicious European Union. This kind of grubby scheme only serves to further vindicate the British decision to leave.

Robert Bates is a Research Executive at cross-party grassroots campaign Get Britain Out

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  • Disgruntled1

    You were warned by anyone with any knowledge of the issue that you wouldn’t be able to have your cake and eat it. Now you are surprised and angry that this decision is doing real damage to Britain because you deluded yourselves that they would beg us for a trade deal that’s the same as we have now, but where we also get to do what we want.

    You spun this lie to the public and day by day you are being found out. So you lash out at the EU and call them malicious though they seek to protect themselves from the damage you have caused.

    You have needlessly divided the country at a time when we have real issues that need to be solved now by our government. By the time this is over you will have cost us billions and made us a laughing stock. Future generations will reverse what has been done but by that time we will have irretrievably lost peices of the economy which makes this country what it is today. This is a no win situation we did not need to be in.

    I would call you a traitor but that would be stooping to your playgroung level.