EU parliament will not back down

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martin schulz

The European Parliament met yesterday for the first time after the EU budget deal was brokered.

One by one the federalist group leaders opposed the deal. Joseph Daul of the European People’s Party and Guy Verhofstadt of the Liberals will vote against the budget. Martin Schulz (above), the ‘president’ of the parliament and former leader of the Socialists has mooted a secret vote so MEPs can defy orders from their national parliaments.

This ‘crisis’ alone could be the undoing of the EU. MEPs aren’t sent to the European Parliament to do the bidding of national governments. They have mandates (of sort) from their constituents.

Therefore the federalists will put their mandates above anything the national governments have to say.

Hence you have the coming conflict. The heads of government against the European Parliament with the Commission caught in between. The squabbling among the Eurocrats should make our exit from the EU even quicker.

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