EU loses £1.2bn

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It’s not that difficult to drop the odd bit of change down the sofa or leave a fiver in a trouser pocket before you put it in the washing machine.

It does, however, take some damn effort to lose £1.2bn, as the EU has admitted today.

Even worse, this is on their superfluous ‘aid’ programmes. Never mind that the streets of Athens are riddled with rioting or that Spain is virtually insolvent. In Euro-land the magic money tree keeps growing.

With breathtaking arrogance, the EU said it could account for “97%” of what was spent. Bully for them. In the real world, if you can’t account for 100% of spending then you’d likely face criminal charges.

One rule for them. One rule for us. No wonder the British people want out of the EU.

Image: Flickr

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