EU laws cripple council finances

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The EU is as much a local issue as it is a national issue. The Local Government Association is pleading with the treasury to cap the EU directed landfill tax in the budget tomorrow. As another example of how the British Government gold plates EU directives, the landfill tax has been increased annually since its introduction and is set to rise by a further 11% costing us £750 million in the next 12 months.

Research by the Local Government Association has found that since central government has started collecting the money, designed to pressure us into meeting an EU target, the charge per tonne has increased by 333% from £24 to £80 per tonne. Rather than our hard earned money being spent on local amenities, more and more of our money has been taken as a punishment for not jumping high enough to please EU ‘green’ ambitions.

This is a con, the EU has taken upon itself to fine us in order to encourage us to recycle, but the goals cannot be achieved by these means. The pressure brought about by the increasing landfill tax is forcing our local authorities to cut corners, meaning much of our recycled material is of such poor quality that it has to go to landfill anyway. How do they solve this problem? Increase the fines! Why actually recycle when the maintenance of such a symbolic pollutant can continue to subsidise central government’s continued profligacy.

Frustrated by your rubbish being collected less frequently? Annoyed that your rubbish isn’t being collected from your garden anymore? Your inconvenience is by-product of ‘progress’ and it is not even enough to satisfy the EU or our leading politicians. The money you give up in council tax for your local services is being confiscated, in the hope that a cash starved local authority will bully you into shape, while the treasury counts your pennies and the EU congratulates itself for ‘bettering’ the world.

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