EU Forces Truck Drivers Off The Road

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As we approach the start of Autumn next week, a European Union regulation is set to cause havoc throughout the season. A Brussels Directive from 2009 declared truck drivers had to either undertake extensive re-training by this September or face a £1,000 fine. Many have taken option three – early retirement – leaving our transport infrastructure crippled.

With Brussels forcing out a number of experienced truck drivers, the Great British Public will be hit in a number of ways. The delivery of road grit will be affected, causing chaos when snowfall begins over the next few months. Moreover, shops ability to stock shelves in the run up to Christmas will be hampered, making stressful Christmas shopping even more unbearable.

Quite why the Eurocrats of Brussels think experienced truck drivers must be compelled to take further training is unfathomable.  The number of truck drivers is already on the decline, and yet the EU has forced the hand of many skilled workers with their £1,000 fine threat.

If we want to prevent the Brussels bureaucrats forcing our skilled workers to jump through unnecessary hoops or join the dole queue, we must Great Britain Out of the EU. Until then we will just have to grit our teeth whilst bad weather forces commuters off the road and packages remain undelivered.

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