EU-enthusiasts still won’t answer the questions

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130124 TA BBC News

Yesterday our Campaign Director Tim Aker appeared on the BBC News channel to put the case that we can be more prosperous, democratic and free outside the EU.

You can watch the debate here.

What struck us was the way the EU-enthusiast avoided all of our questions.

They could not answer the point that non-EU countries have free trade agreements with the EU but do not need to be in it to trade. Japan is negotiating a free trade agreement with the EU and no one suggests it join the club.

They could not answer the point that renegotiation is a near impossibility. With 8,000 amendments alone to the Common Agricultural policy this week, the scale of reform within the EU is pointless. EU leaders have said there is no chance of altering the course of ever closer union.

In response to our facts and arguments, all we got from the pro-EU corner was bluster and bumbling. Bring it on.

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