EU energy policies turn the lights off

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A new film is out highlighting the devastating impact that diktats from Brussels have had on our ability to produce our own energy in a cost efficient way. It also exposes the devastating knock on impact that these policies are soon to have on the environment in the south west.

Lost horizons, by Steve Crowther and the EFD Group in the European Parliament, draws attention to the fact that EU’s Large combustion plants directive will force us to close nine power stations* by 2016, leaving us with an 11.8GW energy shortfall. This shortfall is hoped to be made up by the highly environmentally destructive Bristol Channel wind farm array. I cannot recommend this film enough.

* Cockenzie, Didcot A, Ferrybridge, Ironbridge, Kingsnorth, Tilbury, Fawley, Grain and Little Brook.

Glenn Coleman-Cooke

Image: Flickr

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