EU double standards

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I keep a copy of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights by my desk. No, I haven’t gone mad or been hit on the head, I keep it here to remind me how hypocritical the EU has become.

It preaches ‘human rights’ and yet what we are seeing is the EU enforcing poverty on millions. The EU has posted another record high set of unemployment figures. That’s a generation without opportunity and sadly this hopelessness has manifested itself in rioting and political extremism – just the things the EU was set up to combat.

Now we have more authoritarianism from the EU, in the form of capital controls and even the posting of gunboats to prevent money leaving Cyprus!

This could be illegal for the Charter states in its preamble that the EU “seeks to promote balanced and sustainable development and ensures free movement of persons, goods, services and capital“. As the Lisbon Treaty gives legal weight to the Charter, the EU’s own actions on capital controls could reasonably be illegal.

But then again, would you bet on the ECJ ruling against the EU? No, I didn’t think so.

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