EU ‘diversity’ prizes

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We all know the EU is fond of issuing propaganda to show the peoples of Europe how great it is. It promotes democracy when it ignores referendum votes against Treaties. It sends out pamphlets saying the Euro creates economic growth and strong economies when Southern Europe is trapped in perpetual depression.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the EU offers a prize to journalists writing about the ‘value and benefits’ of diversity. Well, it did until the wheels came off the EU project. There hasn’t been a prize listed for 2012, so one doubts there would be one for 2013 either. Tragic.

National competitions carried a prize of £850 and EU-wide winners can expect a top prize of £4,200. Runners up get £3,000 and £2,100.

Obviously these entries must have a ‘European dimension’ and, ironically, must be of ‘independent thought’.

I had thought of putting an entry in myself, explaining how EU policies on harmonisation and uniformity are crippling the economies of the EU and that the European continent would be a far more diverse, prosperous continent if the EU wasn’t there creating an EU nationalism, undermining the historic, relatively new, nations of Europe. But somehow I think they wouldn’t like that.

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