EU Censorship

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In Brussels there is no crisis. Everything is fine and the only solution is “more Europe”. The EU is not doing enough, they say, and the EU must drive on to full union. Then they will be in the land of milk and honey.

It came as little surprise, therefore, that we found a report from the European Parliament Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (yes, it really does exist) that argued for media censorship to fight “gender stereotyping”.

As covered in the Daily Mail this morning, the report claims that gender “stereotyping” in schools influences the way children behave and “damages women’s career opportunities in the future”. Their answer is censorship and social engineering.

Yet outside the European Parliament, unemployment burns its way across the continent and the Eurozone remains an economic catastrophe. One would imagine that would be the priority.

But the essential point is that this is not a Common Market. It is a government. It is meddlesome. It is politically correct to the point of absurdity. If it was about jobs and economic growth it would abandon the Euro and move away from ever closer Union. But that’s not their game. They will push onto full union regardless. This is the EU and it’s costing you a fortune. It’s time to Get Britain Out.

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