EU budget summit showdown

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One way or the other, today and Friday are going to be big days in British history, and even bigger days in the Prime Minister’s career.

Come the weekend, he will either be a national hero or national disappointment, while the UK will either have sent a firm message to the Eurocrats or caved in once again.

The best we can hope for is that Mr Cameron will stand his ground and veto any budget increase, while pushing for a reduction. Not only would this be good for the obvious financial reasons, but would also bode well for an EU exit, as if we can throw a spanner in the works every time a budget increase or new scheme is proposed, they might just offer us excellent terms to clear off.

The worst case scenario is out and out capitulation. While this may well be the easiest option for Mr Cameron when the foreign leaders start piling on the pressure, if he takes it he might as well book the removal men for Downing Street in 2015.

With the EU spending money on such cultural delights such as a burping dance troupe and hydrotherapy for Hungarian dogs (as pointed out by the marvellous Nigel Farage), there is no way that the great British public will tolerate yet more desperately needed cash being tipped down the drain.

My biggest worry is a pyrrhic victory, with the PM securing a budget freeze for the benefit of the front pages but giving away more, such as a big chunk of our rebate.

I sincerely hope this concern is misplaced however, and that Mr Cameron comes through for us. As this is one of those rare occasions politicians normally live for, when doing the moral and right thing will also be massively popular, he really would have to be as mad as an EU commissioner to miss this opportunity.

Glenn Coleman Cooke

Image: Flickr

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