EU budget farce destroys case for renegotiation

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The EU Budget is likely to be amended by the European Parliament today (Wednesday 13th March) on a compromise that will do nothing to reduce British payments to the EU.

The expected outcome is for the European Parliament to support a reduction in the EU budget in order to initiate ‘trialogue’ negotiations between MEPs, Commissioners and Ministers. These further talks will set to prioritise spending within the agreed amount set earlier this year.

Commenting on this chaos, Campaign Director of Get Britain Out, Tim Aker, said:

“This is just yet another spin on the Euro-merry-go-round that, whatever the outcome, will increase British contributions. It’s a terrible deal for the British taxpayer.

“It also shows how pointless EU renegotiation is. For a measly 3% cut in the EU budget, there has been be two rounds of talks in the Council, meddling from the European Parliament and we will have to wait until June for a final agreement.

“Contrast this with the fight the EU will put up against renegotiating social and employment legislation, agriculture, fisheries or even reducing the amount Britain pays into the EU budget in real terms and you can see how lengthy, bureaucratic and impossible renegotiation will be.

“The British public can see through the façade of renegotiation. The only choice is whether we go all in or leave. The EU isn’t going to hand powers back. Britain can ill afford to wait years for the inevitable failure of EU renegotiation”.

ENDS – For further information please contact Tim Aker on 07866 165 760.

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