EU and the facts

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Earlier this month our Campaign Director went to the Lib Dem spring forum to debate ‘Euro myths’. The Lib Dems complain about newspapers reporting stories about sausages and bananas and they see that as a reason why people don’t like the EU. To them it has nothing to do with the EU opening up borders, taking powers away from member states, ignoring voters when they say ‘No’ to EU treaties, losing taxpayers’ money and throwing good money after bad bailing out failed Eurozone states. No, it’s ‘mis-reporting’. Honest.

Put the shoe on the other foot and you find those in glass houses should not throw stones. EU supporters are constantly peddling the same myths and lies in order to scare the Great British Public into remaining a member of the EU.

In the comments section of my latest article for the Commentator, an EU enthusiast peddles the same rubbish that Norway must bend and bow to every EU law. This is nonsense, Norway has ignored over 400 EU directives. EFTA has revealed that 90% of single market rules originate in organisations above the EU, where the UK has no representation whatsoever. So much for ‘influence’.

The ‘3 million jobs’ nonsense has been superbly defeated by Tim Congdon in a pamphlet you can download here. As you will see, the 3 million jobs statistic comes from a paper dated from 1999 and is taken wholly out of context. There is no suggestion these jobs will be lost, rather, as you will find the author suggests that there ‘might’ be advantages to leaving the EU. This is before the Eurozone, before the Lisbon Treaty, Fiscal Union and Banking Union. Obviously those advantages are clearer now.

The EU enthusiasts can keep reeling off the same rubbish til the cows come home. We will defeat them with facts. That’s how we will win and liberate our country from the EU.

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