EU adds insult to injury for British car industry

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The EU has given the environmentalists something to celebrate yesterday (25 February). In the European Parliament, MEPs have passed wildly ambitious car emission targets which will hamper British car manufacturers.

The passing of these new laws means Britain, along with other EU nations, will now have the highest – and most unrealistic – carbon dioxide reduction targets in the world.

The new rules which lead car manufacturer Germany fought hard to delay, set a strict limit of 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre (g/km) as an average for all new cars sold within the European Union. This is down from the current limit of 130 g/km.

Worst of all, car manufactures who do not meet the EU’s arbitrary targets will be fined €95 per excess gram of carbon dioxide, multiplied by the number of cars they sell a year.  In other words, the EU will end up fining car companies for making cars!

Europe has been keen to promote these new targets, with a spokesman for a Brussels environmental think tank, Greg Archer, trying to sell them to the Great British Public by claiming that they are “a good deal for the EU economy, drivers and the environment – reducing fuel use and CO2 emissions by 27 per cent over six years.”

It is surprising these rules were ever passed at all, given that the proposals were the subject of bitter EU infighting last year. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, assisted by her willing sidekick David Cameron, personally blocked the plans at the time, to protect high-profile German car manufactures such as BMW and Daimler.

While the new targets may be a good deal for the European Union’s bank account from all the fines it will collect, it’s not jolly news for hard hit British and German car manufacturers.

Get Britain Out predicts that not only will these arbitrary targets not be met, but that these needless targets will do untold damage to European car manufactures, at a time when the industry is helping to aid economic recovery.

Dominic Kirby, Research Assistant

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