11th May 2018

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Lords Betray the People

Unelected peers have shamelessly continued their wrecking amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill – winning a whopping 14 times against the Government. The most damaging ones would allow parliament to: delay, frustrate, and ultimately reverse Brexit, to control the date at which we officially exit, and to mandate the Government to negotiate continued membership of the European Economic Area (EEA.) This is otherwise known as BRINO – Brexit in Name Only and would mean Britain would have full access to the Single Market at the expense of continued free movement of people – so no control over our own borders – and to become a rule taker, with no say over what happens in our own country.

Unsurprisingly the Lords’ blatant contempt for the democratic will of the people has fuelled growing calls for them to be abolished, or at least be radically reformed. A petition on their abolition (link below) has been very popular, forcing parliament to debate the motion on June 18th. We were recently featured in a piece by Huffington Post – which you can read further down – where we echoed the sentiments of our supporters by voicing our utter distain for their behaviour. Peers are mandated by The Salisbury Convention to refrain from wrecking the manifesto pledges of an elected government; the Conservative manifesto was clear – a commitment to Leave the Customs Union and Single Market. Parliament overwhelmingly voted to give the people a direct vote via the EU Referendum and it would rock the democratic foundations of our system if their clear decision to Get Britain Out of the EU is not implemented.

Likewise, Labour owe their strong parliamentary position almost entirely to the fact Leave voters felt they could be trusted to deliver a Clean Brexit. The Labour manifesto pledges to Leave both the Customs Union and Single Market shored up votes which may well have gone elsewhere. The recent U-turn, therefore, from Corbyn and co to negotiate ‘a’ Customs Union with the EU, is nothing short of a complete betrayal of their Labour voters.

The Customs Union debate has painfully continued to run on with the Government severely divided. Prime Minister Theresa May’s recent and preferred ‘Customs Partnership’ option has been rubbished by Brexiteers, including the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson. Consequently, we sent a letter to all the Ministers in the Brexit ‘War Cabinet’ (the EU Strategy and Negotiations Sub-Committee), including the Prime Minister, explaining that the Great British Public expect the Government to respect the will of the people by leaving the Customs Union and Single Market.

Thankfully however, reports from the outcome of the last meeting seem to suggest the sentiments of our letter have been followed, with ex-Remainers, Sajid Javid and Gavin Williamson, giving Mrs May a bloody nose, although there are still many battles ahead on this issue.

Today the Prime Minister has taken the rather odd step of splitting her Brexit ‘War Cabinet’ into two working groups, one looking at May’s preferred ‘customs partnership’ model, and the other at the Brexiteers’ favoured option – the ‘MaxFac’ option which would utilise technology and trusted trader schemes to remove the need for physical customs checks. Leavers Michael Gove and Liam Fox, join Remainer David Lidington in considering the Customs Partnership option, while David Davis joins Remainers Karen Bradley, and Greg Clark in analysing the Customs Partnership possibility. It is rather disappointing to see the Government so utterly divided almost 2 years after The Great British Public voted to Leave.

Unelected Arch-Remainer Whitehall Brexit advisor, Olly Robbins, referred to by some as the ‘real’ Brexit Secretary, has been accused of withholding key evidence which demonstrates technology can be utilised to solve the Irish border problem – the so-called ‘MaxFac’ option. Whitehall sources told The Sun, Robbins retained valuable information during his presentation to the EU ‘War Cabinet’ in order to present ‘MaxFac’ in a bad light. It’s no surprise the real Brexit Secretary, David Davis, has reportedly, previously tried to have him sacked!

Theresa May appears to be continuing to push the discredited ‘customs partnership’ idea, hoping to browbeat several members of the ‘War Cabinet’ into supporting her.

This represents one of the gravest threats to Brexit so far.

An idea which would eliminate any prospect of Britain pursuing an independent trade policy, and effectively force us to continue following EU laws! It is therefore vital all Brexiteers write to members of the ‘War Cabinet’ before their meeting next Tuesday, and demand that the Referendum result be respected. We at Get Britain Out have already written to them once. We are now asking you to let your voice be heard. We have made it easy for you and you can find all the details on how you can do this here.

Remoaner, Amber Rudd, has resigned from her position as Home Secretary following the Windrush scandal. She has been a large cog in the Remain machine, having taken a high profile position during the 2016 EU Referendum campaign and was one of the strongest Europhiles in the Cabinet. We were pleased to see her leave the Government for the back benches, and consequently her views will lose significance. This development, however, means Rudd is no longer subject to ‘Ministerial Responsibility’, meaning she is free to bad-mouth the Government’s Brexit position in favour of an even softer approach. We hope Rudd is cleverer than this, and realises she must be dignified on the issue or risk a backlash from her constituents. With a majority of just 346, she can ill afford to go against the wishes of Brexit-backing Hastings and Rye.

The majority of the Labour Party have continued their blunderbuss Brexit policy of the ‘softest possible Brexit – without admitting it.’ Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry, has suddenly diverged from Labour’s manifesto position to say the party now wants to Remain in the Customs Union. The anti-democratic disease is spreading to the Labour backbenches, as North East Labour MPs: Phil Wilson, Anna Turley, Paul Williams, Catherine McKinnell and Bridget Philipson have made a joint statement calling for a ‘People’s Vote’ on the terms of the deal to leave the EU. The people have already voted twice on the issue during the EU Referendum and the General Election, and twice have clearly expressed their will to Leave the European Union properly. Democracy is implementing the will of the people, not ‘vote repeatedly until you give us the answer we want.’  The hypocrisy of labelling their flagrant denial of democracy a ‘People’s Vote’ is baffling. Brexiteers of all stripes must however be forthright in their support of the few Brexiteer Labour MPs, such as the marvellous Kate Hoey – who do a great deal of work in appealing to many voters who may not otherwise have listened to the Brexit case.

Over on the Continent, Member States who make net contributions to the European coffers will be unhappy with the latest budget proposals from the EU Commission. The plans demand they stump up more money (1.79 trillion Euros to be precise) for fewer Member States. One would have thought the pending withdrawal of one of their biggest financial contributors would have inspired a slightly more moderate approach, yet Eurocrats will stop at nothing to push their agenda. This further serves to vindicate the Great British Public’s brave decision to vote Leave. After Brexit, our days of funnelling billions of pounds into outlandish European projects will end, and taxpayers’ money can be spent on our own priorities.

And finally, songwriter Mike Davidson has perhaps summed up the feelings of most Brexiteers this week with a fantastic tune entitled ‘ODEar Theresa’. Have a listen to it yourself here: (ODEar Theresa)


E-Petition: (Give the electorate a referendum on the abolition of the House of Lords)

We wrote to the ‘Brexit war Cabinet’ demanding they respect the Referendum result and ensure Britain does not become signatory to an outlandish ‘Customs partnership’. A plan which is both unworkable and would deny the key benefits of Brexit. (Get Britain Out has Demanded the Government Respects the Referendum Result)

Send Your Letter to Cabinet Ministers (WRITE TO THE BREXIT ‘WAR CABINET’: Say NO to the Bogus Customs Partnership – Respect the Referendum Result or Resign)

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That’s it for this edition of our e-Bulletin this time – and a huge thank you, as always, for your support.

Get Britain Out will keep on fighting for the Best Brexit for the United Kingdom, so we can take back control of our laws, borders, trade and and our money. There is less than a year to Brexit Day!

Best wishes,

Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

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