Don’t Look Now…. The Scaremongering has already started!

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

Last week saw David Cameron deliver his long awaited draft “renegotiation”. As expected, he delivered his piece of white paper declaring “Remain in our time”. It was an exercise in PR and a complete sham. Cameron should have delivered this important announcement in the House of Commons. However, despite an urgent question being tabled by Labour, he decided to announce this earth-shattering news at a Siemens plant in Chippenham.

This action alone demonstrated Cameron’s contempt for the House of Commons and for the voters. There was no reason why he could not have cancelled his visit to the pro-European German company and delivered his announcement in the Mother of Parliaments.

It has been the worse kept secret in politics for months that Cameron would not be able to deliver anything substantial from his so-called “renegotiation”. The document released by the European Council President Donald Tusk last week confirmed Leavers’ worst fears.

In the House the following day, Eurosceptic MPs lined up to attack the Prime Minister’s “renegotiation”. It was “less than thin gruel” and the Prime Minister had 2 weeks to salvage his negotiating skills.

But, the scaremongering has already begun. Ken Clarke was delighted with the deal. On the BBC’s Sunday Politics (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire), Conservative MEP Timothy Kirkhope gave the “renegotiation” 9/10.

Over the weekend, 43 Conservative Constituency Chairmen voiced their disgust at the way their grassroots have been treated.

And where are the Cabinet Ministers who will back the campaign to leave the EU? At present, it looks like only 5 out of 30 members of the Cabinet will campaign to Leave. The others seem more interested in preserving their own careers, rather than rescuing their country from the failed ideology of the EU.

What is more important to them? Their careers or their country?

They would rather lock us inside the burning building and race off with the keys.

William Hague has changed his position on the “red card”. Only 8 years ago he was mocking the very same idea. And now the Prime Minister has spoken of the problems we face with “the Calais jungle” if we vote to Leave. Cameron has said voting for “Brexit” would result in migrant camps springing up across the south-east of England. He also claims France will pull out of current border arrangements with Britain after we leave the EU.

But, only last year, France said the opposite. Guido Fawkes reported that the French interior minister last year rubbished the idea promoted by Cameron this week that France might tear up their agreement with Britain on border controls if we leave the EU.

Bernard Cazeneuve said: “Calling for the border with the English to be opened is not a responsible solution. It would send a signal to people smugglers and would lead migrants to flow to Calais in far greater numbers. A humanitarian disaster would ensue. It is a foolhardy path, and one the government will not pursue. On the contrary, we’re going to make the border even more watertight to dissuade smugglers and migrants, respect international rules and reduce the pressure on Calais.”

Looking at the verbatim quote from M. Cazeneuve it would appear that Cameron and his fellow Remainers are mispresenting what was actually said in France. This is surely the last refuge of those who are in serious danger of losing the argument?

David Davis MP has also disagreed with the Prime Minister’s stance on this issue this week. Davis tweeted the following:

“The failed EU immigration policy created the ‘Jungle’ camp at Calais. The idea that ‪#‎Brexit would reduce border control is preposterous.”

There are many people who would agree with Davis on this. He is the voice of reason against the Government’s ‘spin’ operation.

The reality is that Cameron has gone into the negotiations dressed in all his finery, but has been exposed as politically naked and is a Europhile emperor. It is time to #GetBritainOut.

The Leave side is divided and needs to get its act together quickly as in just a few weeks, the Electoral Commission will decide on the Lead Campaigners for both sides.

If the Leave side does not end up with a Lead Campaigner, all is not lost.

The grassroots campaigners in political parties, as well as the great British public could be the real heroes of the hour.

Cometh the hour, Cometh the Great British Public.

So, come with us, rise up – and together we can take back our country.

It is time to Get Britain Out.

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