Don’t chicken out of an EU Referendum, Ed

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David Cameron’s dithering over an EU referendum gave the Labour leader a superb opportunity to outflank him by promising one himself, decisively setting himself apart from his predecessors and re-establishing Labour as a party more interested in the views of the working man than of the metropolitan political class.

All too predictably however Ed Miliband took the easy option and retreated to safe ground, saying that apparently we aresleepwalking” into an EU exit. This phrase is telling, primarily for its utter misjudgement of the public mood. After years of apathetic political slumber, people are finally starting to wake up, and they don’t want to sleepwalk out of the EU, but charge out of it.

By taking the morally indefensible position of opposing a referendum simply because he knows people disagree with him, he makes it clear that he believes his views should trump those of a majority.

Don’t chicken out of an In/Out EU Referendum, Ed.

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