Dire Warnings, Empty Threats

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While Europhiles tell Britain that leaving the EU will spell a disaster of apocalyptic proportions, Switzerland recently topped the global innovation index again. This represents a three year streak for the small nation.

What should be clear to anyone is that if Switzerland was a Member State it would not be topping any indexes. It would be burdened with regulations and directives that reduce its ability to compete in the global race and undermine job creation. That is precisely what the EU is doing to the UK.

Contrary to the dire warnings of the Europhiles, leaving the EU will do nothing more than allow Britain to flourish like all the other strong European nations that are outside of the EU ken and free from Brussels’ stranglehold while maintaining access to the single market. Leaving would entail a better state of affairs for our economy, our borders, our jobs and our national interests. It will be a long road, but the rewards will be abundant.

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