Dave gets delusional

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It is becoming clearer that David Cameron will use his energies – and perhaps the remainder of his term – campaigning to keep the UK in the EU. We bitterly oppose his comments that the heart of Britain lies in the EU in the Daily Express today.

The horse has form. The Prime Minister went to the press saying if we left the EU we would be ruled by ‘fax’ from the EU. It’s the same ridiculous argument used at the Norwegian situation, where they apply single market rules. The caveat is they do so voluntarily.

Were we to leave the EU, common standards would only apply to goods trading with the EU. Currently 9% of our GDP is involved with the EU in any one way, and this is distorted due to the Rotterdam and Antwerp effect where goods passing through these ports, but to destinations outside the EU, are classified as trade with the EU. The point here is that 91% of our economy would be free from EU rules and associated costs.

Furthermore, outside the EU we will be free to retake our seat at the World Trade Organisation. We would have a greater say on global standards, something the EU would have to abide by.

Finally, when we trade with third countries, such as Canada and New Zealand for example, do we ask for British deputies to their legislatures in order to have ‘influence’? No, of course we don’t. So why do we need Commissioners and MEPs?

Cameron has been told enough times that renegotiation of the EU is impossible. Rewriting 50 years of the acquis communautaire is not on the agenda. Banking, fiscal and full political union are, however. The only question being asked is whether we are all in or all out. Cameron’s smart enough to know that.

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