Dan Hannan: Nine myths about the EU

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Dan Hannan, Conservative MEP for South East England, sets out the 9 biggest myths about our membership of the European Union

The EU has secured peace in Europe

Hmmm. Was the EU a cause of peace in Europe, or a consequence of a peace built on the defeat of fascism, the spread of democracy and the security of NATO?

All right, it’s always hard to settle these hypotheticals, so let’s ask the question in broader terms. Does jamming different nations together in a single polity typically make them get on better or worse? Look at the conflict zones around the planet, from Chechnya to South Sudan, from Kashmir to Ukraine. By far the most common cause of unrest is people’s sense that they have been included, as it were, in the wrong state.

Or if those places seem too remote to be germane, consider the EU itself. Ponder the effect that the euro has had on relations among its participant states. Listen to the way Greeks now talk about Germans and vice versa. Would you say political integration is quelling or stoking animosities among Europe’s peoples?

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