Customs Partnership is a Brexit Betrayal

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

Last year in the General Election campaign, the two major political parties made commitments about leaving the Customs Union and the Single Market. Over 80% of all votes cast were for parties who had committed to Leave both the Customs Union and the Single Market.

However, almost a year since the Election and almost two years since the EU Referendum, the Government still does not have a clear policy on Customs.

The Labour Party is no better. The Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry, told the Today programme Labour wants to stay in the Customs Union. Thornberry said: “What we want to do is, we want to remain in the Customs Union. We don’t want any faffing about with any of the nonsense that the Government is coming up with in relation to alternatives to the Customs Union. We want to remain in the Customs Union.”

Labour later corrected Thornberry’s comments!

What this all means is the Establishment is preparing to undermine the EU Referendum result and to keep Britain in the EU in all but name. It amounts to a Brexit fudge which will be indigestible to the British people.

It is a complete betrayal of what we voted for.

The Customs Partnership is simply another form of the Customs Union. What it would mean is Britain would collect tariffs on behalf of Brussels. Importers would then have to prove their products were not leaving the UK in order to claim the tariff back. This is too complicated and completely unworkable. The EU would never accept it, as they would have to change all of their processes. In fact, they have already rejected it!

It wouldn’t lead to frictionless trade as there would still be checks at the border. This is because rules of origin would still need to be monitored. In addition, it weakens our hand in the negotiations, as it implies we have not made up our minds on whether we really want to leave the Customs Union.

It would also lead to regulatory alignment (staying in the Single Market for goods). We would be keeping EU rules, but would have no say or influence on matters.

It would also harm our chances of striking trade deals with non-EU countries.

The Customs Partnership is a fudge dreamt up by the Remoaner Civil Service mandarin Olly Robbins – the Prime Minister’s Brexit advisor. He should be sacked!

The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has branded the Customs Partnership “crazy”.

It would leave Britain tied to the EU with a “new web of bureaucracy”.

What our great country has at the moment is a clique of deluded Remoaners ranging from Chuka Umunna, Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan right through to Cabinet level with Business Secretary Greg Clark as their cheerleader. Clark claimed last weekend on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, that a “Customs Partnership” was necessary because thousands of jobs would be lost if we negotiated our own trade agreements.

This is complete bunkum.

Countries are lining up to offer us comprehensive trade deals the day we leave the EU. How will this cost jobs? America and Australia are just two examples of major partners willing to offer us a comprehensive trade deal. More worrying is that the transition period could be extended beyond 2021 – because, according to Clark, it might be the only way to save jobs.

He denied this when challenged!

Behind the scenes all the Remoaners in the Civil Service, the Government and in Parliament are fighting to stop Brexit. They are being ably assisted by Remain supporting institutions such as the CBI. Theresa May must stand firm against the Remoaner establishment.

There were successes for the Conservatives in Leave-voting areas in the recent local Elections. People trust the Conservatives to deliver Brexit. But this can change very quickly.

She must deliver Brexit in full! She must not prevaricate. She must prevail against the Remain appeasers.

If the Prime Minister fails to do so, she will almost certainly face a leadership challenge, which she would probably lose. What Britain needs at this critical juncture is real leadership.

We voted to take back control.

Making our own trade deals was a key part of the Leave campaign.

What we need is for Mrs May to take control of the Brexit negotiations and reject this ridiculous Customs Partnership.

The British people will never forgive her or her Government if she fails to fully Get Britain Out.

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