Croatia bends the knee.

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Croatia has joined the ranks of countries that are being taken for a ride by Brussels. The nation is still suffering recession, one out of five of the populace is unemployed, and its public debt is 62.5% of GDP. They will be in good company.

Membership will inflict a severe toll on the fisheries and its agriculture of the coastal nation. The fishermen are already jittery about the regulations they will be landed with and the new conditions they will have to adapt to.

Joining this club reeks of insanity, and you have to wonder why the Croatian government insisted on burdening itself with vassalage to Brussels. Iceland snubbed the EU without a second thought. Yet a comparison of both nations underlines the Croat’s motivation. Croatia is not doing as well as Iceland in recovering from the recession and they are willing to take desperate measures to ‘stand out’ in the global race. Little do they know that membership will reduce their competitiveness and will possibly lead them down a road that Greece and Spain has already trudged.

Meanwhile, this move will do nothing to benefit the Great British Public as every new, disproportionately poor Member State presages trouble for our social services and risks drawing us into another crisis.

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