Clueless EU Commissioners

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Baroness Ashton, our EU foreign minister who heads up the EU’s External Action Service, has been called “clueless” in a report examining the work of the EEAS.

The Action Service is lambasted for being wasteful and disorganised. Ashton has previously complained that she needs a private jet to help her do her job ‘properly’.

It would be laughable if it weren’t a project burning our money. The EEAS has a budget of £420m a year. Its ambassadors are replacing British ones around the world. This is all under the control of Baroness Ashton, who was given her place on the European Commission as reward for shepherding the Lisbon Treaty through the Lords.

But sadly her term of office is coming to an end and there’s no hope of her being re-appointed by David Cameron. In her place step forward Andrew Mitchell who, as a government minister, frittered away taxpayers’ money on foreign aid – clearly getting practice for his expected promotion then.

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