The Charge of the ‘Out’ Brigade

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The Politico magazine reports how fractured the Eurosceptic movement is:

“Britain’s Euroskeptics have never had an opportunity more golden. At long last, a Tory Prime Minister is renegotiating ties to Brussels, with an in/out referendum planned before the end of 2017. Yet this is an illusion. With the prize so close, the motley Euroskeptic front feels splintered and confused.

“As the “in” camp works on creating a common platform to campaign on to remain in the European Union, there is no united “out” brigade in Westminster. Nor is there a new organization to unite them on the horizon. This will come as a shock to Britain’s Europhiles, who imagine a well-organized army of Little Englanders at the ready.”

It also reports the polling unfortunately shows a majority in favour of staying (demonstrating we have a big fight on our hands):

“Euroskeptic campaigners are well aware that last month’s polls show 45 percent of the UK public inclined to remain in the EU — if they were asked to vote on this straight question tomorrow. This leaves 33 percent support for “Brexit”— a British exit from the EU — a figure similar to the level of Scottish independence support over a year before the September 2014 referendum. The independence campaign fell short.”

Our campaign ws mentioned among many others which are committing to securing Britain’s exit from the EU:

“Yet there is no shortage of groups in Westminster pushing for an EU exit. The key outfits now working together include Better Off Out, The Bruges Group, the Democracy Movement, Get Britain Out and Global Britain. These outfits have already met in small brain-storming conferences to strategize on how to win. However, no umbrella group is currently in the works.”

Click here to read the full article in Politico.

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