No Chance of EU Exit Under Sillyband

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There are unfortunately strong predictions that Labour will win the General Election in 2015. This is also suggested by signs that the Tories are giving up. This is disastrous for the Great British Public in two ways: firstly, our country will be represented by the highly incompetent Ed Sillyband, and secondly, we will have no chance of an exit from the EU.

Admittedly, Miliband announced “[Labour] guarantees there will be no transfer of powers from Britain to the European Union without an In/Out referendum”. On the surface it may seem like a win for Eurosceptics, but beneath the surface such a statement shows Labour will never allow an automatic In/Out referendum, such as the Tories are proposing for 2017 if they get into power. If Labour wins, they can always deny any treaty change means greater control for Brussels, thus preventing an In/Out referendum from taking place.

There is no doubt Miliband and the Labour party carefully constructed such a position in order to trick the public into thinking an EU divorce is a possibility. It has been alleged that Ed Balls believes Miliband suggested a referendum precisely because he believes the Out camp will lose, settling the question for another generation at least.

Besides, Miliband’s promise of a referendum is empty, since it contravenes the guidelines made by the Electoral Commission. The Commission requires the wording for a referendum question to be easy to understand, to the point, unambiguous, avoids misleading voters and avoids encouraging voters to consider one response more favourably than another. Miliband’s referendum question fails on all these counts. He is misleading voters by implying Britain isn’t currently forced to transfer its powers to the EU – on a daily basis. Moreover, he is explicitly encouraging voters to consider staying in the EU rather than leaving. He is re-iterating lies about how much the public, businesses and the British economy benefits from EU membership. There is no doubt in our minds Miliband’s proposals are manifestly ambiguous.

Under the prospective Labour government, not only will there be no chance of an EU exit, there will be no chance of an EU referendum because Miliband is clearly contradicting electoral law. These sneaky campaign tactics from Labour in order to con the voters are a grotesque offence to the intelligence of the Great British Public. We at Get Britain Out are calling for a true In/Out referendum as soon as possible, with no strings attached, no ambiguity and no funny business.

Sam Woolfe, Research Executive

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