Can we have some clarity on the EU, please?

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Another day, another EU policy position from the Government.

Today’s Times (behind the paywall) says that the Prime Minister will commit to an In/Out EU Referendum in the new year. This, let’s remember, was the speech he was meant to have made at the Tory conference. It was the one he was due to give in November. Then there was one planned for December. But now we’ll have to wait for one in the new year.

My guess is it isn’t even written yet. The conflicting messages coming from the Conservatives on this are hardly clear, making them difficult to trust. First there’s no referendum. Then there’s a ridiculous In/In vote. Now a vague 2-step Renegotiate then In/Out vote.

Is it too much to ask for a bit of straight talking? Naive it may be, but I expect political positions to come from first principles. You take people at their word because their beliefs come from clear basic tenets.

We believe the best people to govern this country are the British people. This is why we want to Get Britain Out of the EU. Simple. Clear. You get it.

The Tories have a trust issue on the EU. The cast iron guarantee hasn’t gone away and their fingers-in-their-ears reaction to demands for an In/Out vote are not helping to detoxify their position on the EU. The constant confusion over their ‘referendum’ plans also don’t help.

So consider this a plea – can you lot get your story straight. Our country deserves better than muddle, prevarication and posturing. Be honest with us and the public will respect you.

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