Cameron’s Smoke and Mirrors Game

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Yet again David Cameron is taking the public for fools, finally announcing a ‘plan’ to tackle Britain’s immigration problem when he knows he is in deep trouble in the polls. He wants EU migrants to wait three months before claiming job-seekers allowance and child support, which will then only be available for three months instead of six. He also wants to curtail recruitment agencies advertising jobs solely in Europe with EU-funded job portals like EURES, where more than half of the jobs posted are in Britain. 

None of this does anything to address the real immigration issue.  We should be closing our borders to all immigrants who do not have a job already.  The EU’s immigration policy is both prejudiced and hampers economic growth. Is there anything more bigoted than slamming the door in the faces of workers simply because they are not European? By giving preferential treatment to Europeans we are discriminating against talented migrants from Canada, Australia, India and China.

It is undeniable immigration has benefited the economy. As the International Monetary Fund stated recently, relaxing immigration requirements boosts the economy by filling labour shortages. Unfortunately, the current EU immigration system is uncontrolled and therefore leads to an imbalance.  The low-skilled end of our labour market is swamped, while having negligible effect on shortages in professions like software engineering which can be better supplied by workers from across the world.

As long as Britain is perceived as the land of opportunity and while we have no control over our borders, we will be plagued by unskilled immigration from across the EU. As often as not these migrants will be unable to secure work in Britain, meaning that they are forced to claim from our benefit system.

The Great British Public recognises the problem with this system. The government does not. Results from an official EU poll emerged on Friday showed 41% of British respondents ranked immigration as one of the key issues facing this country. This is almost three times the EU average of 15%, which goes to show how Britain has suffered the brunt of ‘free movement’ across our borders.

And yet Cameron continues with his renegotiation farce after Jean-Claude Juncker made it clear the right to free movement cannot be renegotiated. Indeed, even these modest ‘reforms’ announced today are to be investigated by the European Commission to check if they breach current EU law! We cannot win whichever way we turn.

Cameron’s decision to deal the benefits system, which draw EU migrants here instead of dealing with the root cause of the problem, only demonstrates our membership of the European Union is doomed to failure. Only by getting Britain out of the EU will we implement an efficient immigration system. It is imperative British people bear this is mind and vote to Get Britain Out when and if our In/Out referendum finally arrives.

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