Cameron’s referendum is no referendum at all

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David Cameron’s “sham” referendum gives the British public a chance to stay in the European Union… or stay in the European Union. Frankly, it’s no choice at all. We, and the Prime Minister, surely, know where the EU is headed. Barroso wants a federal union. The supposedly vetoed fiscal union Treaty incorporates fiscal union into the EU legal framework in 2017. The Treaty of Rome explains that the ultimate aim of the organisation is full European Union. The only solution mooted in the European Parliament is “more Europe”.

How much more evidence does David Cameron need to understand that renegotiation is not on offer?

So Cameron’s referendum question is a Wilson-style non-renegotiation or the status quo? Either way, it kicks the can down the road and only defers the real choice the British public must make – are we all in or are we out.

As Peter Oborne says today in the Daily Telegraph, leaving the EU is now mainstream opinion. The Great British Public know that it’s possible to have a trade deal with the EU, like we can have trade deals with all nations. We simply do not need political union and, as cuts bite, we cannot afford to pay £53 million a day to EU coffers.

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