Cameron’s EU speech set to disappoint

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The Spectator carries a story today on the Prime Minister’s ‘EU speech’ to be given sometime this month.

It does not make encouraging reading.

David Cameron expects the British public to trust another of his promises and wait for him to give us a referendum in 2018 after the next election. This is after he’s squandered 3 years trying to renegotiate terms of our EU membership.

Even the renegotiation being reported means we’ll still be bound by EU Directives and attendant regulations. When you hear the phrase ‘Single Market’, it is made up of these EU regulations and Directives that cripple small businesses and stifle competition.

After he’s barely tinkered with our EU membership, Cameron will then campaign for the UK to stay in.

It will be near on impossible to trust him again if he defers the issue to the next parliament. He has a chance to make up his ‘cast iron guarantee’ shambles and that is by holding a vote before the next election. Anything else will not do.

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